I have a competitors product

Horton Automatics of Ontario services and repairs ALL makes and models of automatics entrances.
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How do I locate a distributor?

With several distribution centers and dealers servicing the province of Ontario, we have a location near you. Please use the following link to find a local distributor near you or to contact one of our regional representatives.

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I need to replace my current door operator

Have a operator that is beyond repair or looking to upgrade? Horton Automatics of Ontario can provide free consultation on specifying which product is best for your application.

What is the lead time in servicing my door?

Horton Automatics of Ontario provides rapid service with our goal being 24 hour response time.

What is considered an Emergency Service Call?

Emergency Service call can be defined as one of the following categories.

A) Security Issues

B) A weather issue ( extreme weather conditions)

C) Sensitive Doors ( ex. operating rooms or cancer treatment doors)

D) Safety & liability concerns

How often should I get my door serviced?

Horton Automatics of Ontario recommends a biannual inspection.

AAADM Certified Inspector

Horton Automatics of Ontario are AAADM certified, all technicians carry their AAADM cards with them.


Have questions on what needs servicing or what needs replacement? Horton Automatics of Ontario is here to help you.

Horton Automatics of Ontario has AAADM certified technicians that are available around the clock to provide 24-hour emergency service to ensure the safety and security of your business.

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