Horton Automatics offer a wide range of swing doors for ADA compliance. These systems are designed for the most demanding of applications. Multiple configurations are available including overhead concealed, surface mounted, low energy, full power, automatic and manual.

Horton Automatic sliding door systems are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.  The breadth of this product offering from Horton Automatics is unparalleled in the industry.


Horton Automatics revolving doors systems offer dramatic architectural appeal, energy efficiency and the ability to move vast amounts of pedestrian traffic.  The product offering comes on a wide selection of finishes, diameters, door wing configurations, glazing options, sensors and security features.

Horton Automatics is a leading provider of service and security windows. Security windows systems come standard with self-closing configuration and auto locks for additional security. Additional options include bullet-resistant glass and the windows are available in automatic and manual configurations. Standard service windows come in automatic and manual configurations. Custom design options available to meet your needs.

3-Tim Horton's-8200TSX

With the broadest selection of healthcare products in the industry, Horton makes a difference in the patient experience and hospital efficiency.

Hospitals and medical facilities have specialized access needs that drive the toughest building codes. Horton continues to address these needs by developing first-to-market systems such as the self-closing smoke-rated ICU/CCU door systems and the first airborne infection isolation room door that requires no power. Staff as well as patients appreciate design details such as Mini-Blind and Opaque glass for privacy, light control and hygiene.

Horton Automatics offers many customized solutions for light and heavy rail applications. Every project is unique, and Horton’s design team always comes up with solutions to address complex challenges. We are equipped to handle all project phases from engineering and design to post sales support.


Buttons, Sensors, Bollards, Guard Rails, Washroom Systems